notyrhousekeepr (notyrhousekeepr) wrote in iamsher_locked,

Try Not to Destroy Anything While I'm Gone

I've decided to take a bit of a holiday, My sister has booked us on a weeks' cruise, how delightful! Nothing at all to do with that nasty chloroforming or clown wig of unknown origin I woke up with. Not at all. Mary has oh so graciously offered to watch Baker St while I'm away. Such a dear, that girl is.

I've no idea where you've all gone off to. Chasing after some dastardly criminal, no doubt. I'm sure you boys are ridding the world of thieves and murderers as I speak. Good for you!

Mary will give you a cuppa tea from me when you return. And do be nice to her while she's here. She's doing me such a favor. (And try to keep the house in tip top shape. No explosions, or corpses if you will.)

Au Revoir!

(ooc: I'll be in Florida for a wedding for the next week. Bridesmaid duties and sunshine, but alas, no computer. Thus, Mary's got landlady duties for the week)
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